Book One, GIRL ON A TOMBSTONE, The Traveling Troupe Academy of Dr. Dark

Mia Strange - Girl on a Tombstone

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Book 1
The Emerald City…


November, in the not-too-distant future…

“My name is Skye St John, and bleeding to death in a rotting, stinking morgue was so not the way I planned to spend my birthday.
But I was still alive.
Guess that was a present of sorts.

And I’d kept my promise to the Troupe, to Dr. Dark and his Traveling Academy, by not revealing my unpredictable, destructive, Chaos Magic. I had not left a magical trail for those who attacked me, one that could have been followed and used to hunt our Troupe down.

So even if I died, right here, right now? I guess I did something right after all. Come on. That had to count for something.”

Book Two, VAMPIRE IN SILVER, The Traveling Troupe Academy of Dr. Dark

Mia Strange - Vampire in Silver

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Book 2
The Emerald City…

DEPARTURE TIME: UNKNOWN. We hope to leave…alive.

“My name is Skye St John, and life in The Traveling Troupe Academy of Dr. Dark just got more complicated… as if that is even possible.
Due to a knife wound laden with a whole load of bad magic, my only chance to keep breathing, keep living, was to accept a blood transfusion from our spooky, mysterious Troupe member, Traveler Hale.

And now? I’m blood bound to a vampire. Not really the career choice I was going for.”