Book Three in the Tsunami Blue Series, RING OF FIRE…

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“Can’t wait to see what Williams has in store next!”
— RT Book Reviews Magazine. 4 1/2 Stars for TSUNAMI BLUE

A third vibration, stronger than the first two, rolled through the cabin.

“That. Right there,” I said. “Don’t you feel it?” Rogue looked confused. But then he always looked confused. “The earth moved,” I nearly shouted.

Rogue broke into a killer smile that was so wasted on me. “Baby? With me? The earth always moves.”

It was a good thing my sword was across the room propped up by a stack of dirty clothes. It really was. Instead, I grabbed by jacket.

“Aw, Baby. Smile.” He winked and sat up.

I clenched my teeth and tried not to cringe. Somehow being Rouge’s “Baby” made me want to grab my sword…again. Maybe even use on myself. Yeah. He had that kind of effect on me.

— Sammie Pasco and Rogue

No Safe Refuge

She’s all grown up…but is she a good girl? Gone bad?

Wild child, Sammie Pasco is living in what is left of the tsunami ravaged, Pacific Northwest islands. In the shadow of the new world order, she is partying too much, rebelling too much, hurting her family too much. In a family marked with elemental magic, Sammie seems to be the “odd” girl out. Magic avoids her…until one day, it doesn’t. As ancient mountains awake, only Sammie can sense the danger. And due to her wild ways, no one will believe her. Not even those who love her the most. As she sets out to save her family, maybe, just maybe, she will save the world in the process.

Newly anointed “Prince” of the Runners, Tristen Keegan is wearing a crown he didn’t ask for. Let alone want. Forced into the lawless, ruthless, gang of thieves, thugs, and murders, he harbors a secret he can’t share. The end of the world is coming. And even though, with his Celtic roots they call him a magic man, he knows he can’t stop it. There is no safe refuge- there is no hope. That is until one night a crazy, beautiful, redheaded woman, walks into his bar, and claims the mountains have secrets, and she knows what they are…

Home Free… New school

Folks, just for fun, a little Johnny Cash… old school classic!