GayleAnnWilliams1_smGayle lives a life of contrasts…

Having spent years living on a small island off the coast of Washington in the amazing, beautiful, wet, Pacific Northwest, she recently made a move to the desert. Las Vegas, to be exact. Moving from her island, which is only accessible by boat or air, and doesn’t have a stoplight, not one, to a metropolitan area that exceeds a population of two million, Gayle often feels she is on the moon. On a very fun moon to be sure. Here she can be found pursuing her second love after writing, playing poker.

Gayle grew up in a small cowboy town in Eastern Washington. During her college years, after numerous trips to Seattle, she fell completely and totally in love with the ocean. Trading her spurs for a sea Kayak, she left her Rodeo Queen roots behind (yes, she really was a Rodeo Queen), and moved to the “rainy” country. For a time, she lived on a sailboat, and considers sailing throughout the San Juan Islands and the Canadian Gulf Islands as one of the best experiences of her life.

Gayle is crazy passionate about espresso, writing, the ocean, San Juan Island, Las Vegas, poker, a good smooth whiskey, cheeseburgers, her family, and life in general. There is not one day she doesn’t look forward to. Not one.

And now she’s off… most likely to finish a chapter, before she grabs a cup of espresso, and finds a game of Texas Hold ‘em… she thanks you so much, for dropping by her website.