Gayle Ann Williams, author of the award-winning Tsunami Blue Series, grew up in a beautiful, windy, small cowboy town in Eastern Washington. During her college years, and after numerous trips to Seattle, she fell completely and totally in love with the ocean. Trading her spurs for a sea kayak, she left her Rodeo Queen roots behind (yes, she really was a Rodeo Queen), and moved to the “rainy” country.

For a time, she lived on a sailboat, before finally settling down on a small island off the coast of Washington State…the same island where the legend of Tsunami Blue was born.

Gayle also writes under the Pen name of Mia Strange. Her alter ego loves everything that goes bump in the night… and the day. Mia spends her time walking beaches at midnight, under a full moon of course.

You can find Book 1, by Mia Strange, in this exciting new Academy, Urban Fantasy series, GIRL ON A TOMBSTONE, The Traveling Troupe Academy of Dr. Dark, in Amazon eBooks, and Kindle Unlimited.

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