Tsunami Blue Jewelry

LOGO_Etsy_smallDrop by my Etsy store, where I have fun, flirty jewelry that I make myself. I’m heavily influenced by the sea and desert alike, and some of my creations make an appearance in my books, worn by my favorite characters. Here is a sample of my earrings- you’ll see a reoccurring theme of water, waves, nature, sun and fun.

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The Book Trailer

When TSUNAMI BLUE hit the bookstores, I had this fun book trailer made. Take a look, and pump up the volume.

The Boots

Gayle_FunStuffIn my book TSUNAMI BLUE, the heroine, Kathryn “Blue” O’Malley, known as Tsunami Blue, wears the same Chooka Skull Boots I’m wearing in this photo. The only difference is that mine are a gift from my little sister, and Blue’s boots? Well she went shopping for hers. In a Seattle mall. . . a mall that is underwater, in a destroyed city, devastated by deadly tsunami waves. In TSUNAMI BLUE, Seattle is now almost completely covered by the ocean. For you see in Blue’s world, our blue planet has become much, much bluer. Land masses are gone, and only remote islands remain. So shopping for boots? These boots? Not so easy for Tsunami Blue. Still, she did it. Much to the dismay of her dog, Max, who just doesn’t like them. At all.

Max and Aubrey

Aubrey-MaxMeet Max, the Bernese Mountain dog, from TSUNAMI BLUE… or at least his twin. And with him in this picture is the real Aubrey, who makes quite an appearance in the book on her own.

Max and Aubrey play an important roll for Tsunami Blue as she navigates her lonely life as a survivor in a dangerous world that has been ravaged by deadly waves.

And the pups real name in this photo? Beans. Yes, Beans. You’ll have to read TSUNAMI BLUE to find out why.

BLUE at Friday Harbor having a lemon drop on release day
BLUE spotted at South Beach, San Juan Island
TSUNAMI BLUE and Gayle, at beautiful Roche Harbor, San Juan Island, WA
Everyone is reading TSUNAMI BLUE… 😉


How about this quick hit list— All about me. (Because come on, it’s my page.)

Favorite Color
ICON_Pinterest_redBlue of course. I was thrilled when a New York publishing house purchased my book, and let me keep my original title, TSUNAMI BLUE. (Trust me. That does not always happen.) I LOVE all things Blue, and even have a Pinterest board dedicated to the color.

Favorite Food
Drumroll please, hands down- – Cheeseburgers. With EVERYTHING on it. And you can always throw on a fried egg. I would take boatloads of cheeseburgers to a deserted island. (Along with books of course.) And be quite happy.  When you think of me, think the Jimmy Buffett song… CHEESEBURGER IN PARADISE. (Also features: HE WENT TO PARIS. Another Jimmy Buffett favorite of mine.)


Favorite Place
shutterstock_122208661_LimeKilnThe San Juan Islands in Washington State. My home for many years, San Juan Island is where I set the fictional TSUNAMI BLUE world. The shores of San Juan Island will always call me home.


Favorite Place Traveled
shutterstock_60224710_AngkorCambodia. And the ruins of Angkor Wat- breathtakingly beautiful, along with life changing awesomeness. Here is a glimpse.  But more importantly, the children of Cambodia captured my heart, and they have not given it back.

Favorite Music
I’m a Rocker, Island Girl, and a huge Gone Country fan. (Rodeo Queen roots, remember?) I have eclectic taste, but anything island related. Steel drums, reggae…but honestly? My favorite? The Blues, accompanied by a good smooth whiskey. I could live in a dark, historic bar in the heart of New Orleans…

RoyalFlushSeaFavorite Game
Poker. Texas Hold ’em to be exact. I absolutely love this game of strategy and skill. And it’s why I spend the amount of time I do in Las Vegas, where the game never ends…

Favorite Husband
MINE! I sagged a good one, guys. He’s my biggest supporter (he reads every word I write), and I’m his biggest fan. Best of all? He cooks. I once gave him a bumper sticker: MEN ARE IDIOTS, AND I MARRIED THEIR KING. Yep, I married into royalty. Lol.

Yep. Two. One boy. One girl. They are perfect, AMAZING people. They also read every word I write, and send me cards that say things like “I love you like Kanye loves Kanye.” See? Perfect.

Scorpio_smallWhat’s your sign, baby?
Scorpio. Probably not a surprise, am I right? 😉

Still growing. I’m trying for Heidi Klum stature, ‘cause you know, we look so much alike. Right now, I’m 5’4”. Okay! So I fudged a little…

Oh hell, no. I eat Cheeseburgers. Remember? I can’t believe you asked.

And that’s it! Congratulations for making it to the end of my list without your eyes glazing over. You did, right? No fair if you skimmed…


You never know when you might stumble across a poker game and find yourself right in the middle of it. When Kathryn “Blue” O’Malley, known as “Tsunami Blue” finds herself in a Texas Hold’em poker game, the stakes could not be higher. After all, the life of a child hangs in the balance. In my book TSUNAMI BLUE, discover a whole new meaning to the term “High Stakes Poker.”

Just in case you find yourself sitting at a poker table with cards in hand, and stakes higher than you’d like them to be, here is a list of The Rank of Poker Hands for Texas Hold’em. Go ahead, pull out the sheet, use it, it’s not cheating. But let’s just hope your players are more, shall I say “civilized,” than the ones Tsunami Blue finds herself playing with. Because if there’s one thing Blue hates almost as much as losing, it’s getting blood on the cards.