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A note from Gayle:

Hi, and thank you for dropping by my home on the web. Currently, TSUNAMI BLUE and RIDERS ON THE STORM, are offline and being reformatted to be added to other venues such as iTunes and Kobo. Look for them to be up soon, including back on Kindle and Nook.

Also, watch for the cover reveal for the third book in the TSUNAMI BLUE series, RING OF FIRE, coming late 2013.

Thank you for your patience. I can’t wait to bring the TSUNAMI BLUE Series out on new venues to share with more readers.

All the best,

Welcome to our near future, where our blue planet has been forever changed by a series of deadly tsunami waves...

Book two in the Tsunami Blue Series, RIDERS ON THE STORM.


"More please! Fans are definitely going to demand a sequel!"

A Fiendishly Bookish Review

And here it is, enjoy! -- Gayle

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"I was alive. Cold, wet, frightened, and just plain pissed? Yeah. But still, alive. Score one for the Tracker."
-- Sage Pasco, The Tracker


He deftly swoops in on his glider like a rider on the storm. Next thing she knows, Sage is irrevocably bound to this stranger with deep cobalt eyes. He says he needs her help. It's a common plea for Sage, gifted with an uncanny ability to track and find people- a skill highly coveted in a world that's been reduced to a string of islands by monster tsunamis.

Though she doesn't quite trust him, Sage needs him too. The waves have calmed, but the winds are rising and no one is safe- including her little sister, now a captive of vicious air pirates. Sage can track the girl down, yet rescue is a whole other matter. With danger at every turn, she'll have to rely on her mysterious partner to navigate these decidedly unfriendly skies. Because if they don't work together, they'll both crash and burn.

A New Wave for TSUNAMI BLUE. . . Fabulous new cover art.

TSUNAMI BLUE, Award Winning Novel


"This original romance starts quietly enough, like a calm blue ocean, and gradually builds until you're holding on for dear life, hit with page after page of creative, taut action. You'll be left grinning, grateful for the ride, thanks to original characters, a fantastic story and action that will keep you up late, turning pages. Can't wait to see what Williams has in store next!"

RT Book Reviews Magazine April , issue
4 1/2 Stars HOT - (Fantastic-Keeper)

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"To some I was a freak; to others, a fantasy. I was Satan or savior; a witch or a goddess. I was legend, I was lies. And tonight it really was, just all too much."
-- Kathryn "Blue" O'Malley


With her badass rain boots, her faithful dog, and the ability to predict the monster tsunamis that have reduced the US to a series of islands, Kathryn O’Malley isn’t afraid of much. Cut off from all society, she takes to the airwaves as Tsunami Blue, hoping to save something of humanity as the world around her crumbles. But Blue should be afraid—because her message reaches the wrong ears.

Now she’s the target of ruthless pirates known as Runners who want to use her special talents for their own profiteering—as soon as they can find her. Blue’s only shot at survival lies with the naked stranger who washes up on her rocky beach. A man who might just be working for Runners himself. Torn between suspicion and attraction, the two will have to navigate a surging tide of danger and deceit if they hope to stay alive.

"Fasten your seatbelts. Gayle Ann Williams delivers an intriguing, mile-a-minute adventurous tale, of sexy survival in a paranormal world."
-- Stella Cameron, New York Times bestselling author.

"We had a lot of great entries for the contest, but I have to say that this one stood out from the very beginning for me because of its fascinating premise and incredibly well-drawn characters."
-- Leah Hultenschmidt, Editor, Dorchester Publishing

Gayle Ann Williams

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